Why is electronic commerce important?

Electronic commerce has multiplied over the last decade and is expected to continue at the same level, or even accelerate.

As more and more brick-and-mortar businesses realize the importance of starting an e-commerce business and moving their business to the Web, the lines between traditional and e-businesses will soon become completely blurred.

Internet sales are becoming more popular as buyers benefit from:

  • Lower costs offered by e-commerce websites compared to conventional retail outlets
  • The convenience of having any purchased product delivered to your doorstep the same day Ordering cheap products from foreign sellers
  • Wide assortment offered by the e-commerce store
  • Comparison engines, which can recommend the most suitable product or service
  • Internet auctions, where people can locate rare and exclusive items

Shipping is so fast today that once an order is processed electronically, it can usually be delivered the same day.