What is auto-checkout?

With technology, many of our routine processes have been modernized, and self- checkout acts as a self-service cashier.

Like a checkout process, it has the ability to track sales and pay for your customers’ purchases.

In a very simple way, the customer must:

Pass the barcode of the products, one by one, which will be read by an optical reader. Place the product in bags also available for the equipment.

Finalize the purchase and make the payment.

In general, it is recommended that self-payment purchases be of up to 15 products. In other words, it is aimed at solving mainly quick purchases. Self-payment works like a cashier.

The small physical space occupied by self-payment also contributes to speed in queues. Since each traditional checkout is replaced by four automated checkouts, customers wait much less time for service and the speed of the queue is higher. People are looking for convenience and connectivity, and these features are covered by self-service checkout.