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salespoint system

Software for commercial management and salespoint.

We know the needs of the complex management process of a store, for that reason Imago solution covers all the needs required by this type of business, from the process of supplying merchandise, stock control, management of purchases with discounts to the cash register reports by shifts. Everything integrated in a single tool specifically developed for this business.

It facilitates the administration of a network of branches.

The system is designed to be able to receive from an external application the update of its Master Tables. This allows to easily implement a Head Office system that manages the Master Tables of the branches and receives from each one of them the transactional data of Sales, Collection and Supply of products (purchases and accounts payable).

n addition, the branches have a tool that allows them to receive and generate information to an external system, through XML files, achieving the synchronization of all the Master Tables with the information from their points of sale.

Main features.

Easy to use

All of its operations are executed through the keyboard, making the use of the mouse unnecessary.

Graphical interface
intuitive interface

Allows immediate incorporation of new personnel, reducing training costs.

Management of sales promotions

Allows the incorporation of new sales promotions thanks to the combos and promotions scheme.

Minimum waiting time for customers at the cash register

The sequence of keys necessary for the issuance of vouchers, processes and arithmetic operations performed at the time of sale are optimized, thus speeding up the collection process.

Use of specialized peripherals

Allows the use of bar code readers, cash drawer, magnetic card readers, touch screen monitors, fiscal viewers and printers.

Management of multiple stock warehouses

Management of different warehouses where to store the merchandise in stock, facilitating inventory control and merchandise replenishment.

Multiple payment methods and currencie

Make collections in different currencies and payment methods. It also allows you to manage cards with payment plans in installments with and without surcharge.

Apps for customers

APP para teléfonos móviles integrada al sistema, para que los clientes puedan realizar la lista de compras desde su dispositivo móvil.

Specialized products.


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