Outdoor orientation kiosks

Outdoor wayfinding kiosks that provide up-to-date information 24 hours a day are
proving to be the best marketing tools, especially for tourist attractions.
In addition to supporting tourism among their visitors, local residents are using the
kiosks to find locations.
Many people are just looking for a specific activity or attraction or restaurant, and are
not looking to read a bunch of brochures.
The kiosks are bolted to concrete foundations to ensure safety and stability. The kiosks
have interactive screens in the front and 55-inch flat screens in the back to play videos
showing the different attractions.
The outdoor kiosks have an enclosure with a dual-stage powder-coated finish, laminated
safety glass, waterproofing and climate control. In addition, to prevent water, smoke
and dust intrusion, the kiosks are sealed with welds, compression locks and rubber
seals. They have high-brightness displays, allowing them to be used even in the
brightest direct sunlight. There are also locks to prevent unauthorized access and