Reasons why we use Microsoft .Net

or platforms to create secure and scalable web or desktop applications.

Used by most companies, it is very popular for large-scale applications.
Microsoft .NET offers numerous advantages for both developers and end customers.
While customers get fully functional and feature-rich applications with an intuitive user
experience, developers and designers receive flexibility and dynamic features to create
Web sites with simplicity and ease.

The Microsoft .NET platform offers rich user interface (UI) controls.

Not only does it
have an extensive set of built-in UI controls, but it also supports third-party UI controls.
The .NET framework provides a highly secure environment. It employs several security
mechanisms to keep the application protected. It has built-in Windows authentication,
which can be used to make applications secure. It also has cryptography classes to
protect data with encryption/decryption.

The .NET framework provides more stability and scalability than its programming counterparts. It facilitates code change with newer technology and faster algorithms.
The .NET framework enables quick and easy deployment of applications. Microsoft .NET applications can be easily deployed on any Microsoft server. The framework facilitates the creation of unique configurations to deploy applications faster.

In short, Microsoft .NET streamlines the development process with powerful, easy-to- use tools that enable developers to solve problems in any type of application.