News on interactive testers

The flagship location of renowned brand Rebecca Minkoff in New York City's Soho
neighborhood offers interactive screens both on the main floor and in the fitting rooms.
On the floor, shoppers can touch the screens, which look like mirrors when not
activated, to flip through books curated by Rebecca Minkoff or order a free coffee or
glass of champagne.

In the fitting room, because RFID tags recognize each item brought in, shoppers can
open product screens that show the item in a different style, as well as other sizes and
colors available, just as they would when shopping online. Beyond the experience, it's
about taking the best of ecommerce and integrating it into stores.

This is confirmed by designer Rebecca Minkoff whose stores are geared toward the
interactive shopping experience.

According to Uri Minkoff, CEO and co-founder of the brand (and Rebecca's brother),
the enhanced fitting rooms have increased the time customers spend in-store and
increased clothing sales. "Trying something on means intention, and the customer may
not have been thinking about buying a dress, but they see it suggested on the screen and
tend to ask for it," said Minkoff.

Although they may look like something out of a science fiction movie, digital fitting
rooms are taking the fashion market by storm. It will be a matter of time before they
arrive in our country, so that we can enter a fitting room and not have to leave it to ask
for advice on a garment.